W185.6X : Marie Trichot

Marie was Samuel's second wife, although some 19th century authors did not know this, so there are incorrect references about her being from Lyon - that was actually his first wife.

We know little about Marie, and don't even know where she married Samuel. Haag said Geneva, but there is no record there of a wedding (I paid for this research). It could have been Paris (likely) or even in Prangins, near Geneva. Marie owned property there, probably inherited from her father Louis Trichot, originally from Sedan.
Some references to Marie:
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There is also
Revue du Lyonnais 1879 - Page 152 "On voudrait aussi connaître les dates de naissance ou de baptême des enfants que Samuel Chappuzeau eut de sa seconde femme Marie Trichot, de Genève".
I have now obtained these dates from the Geneva archives, and they are present in the tree.

Up until 1643, though surrounded by France, Sedan was an independent Duchy and strongly Protestant. Samuel's mother was also probably from Sedan. But its finances became strained and it was annexed by France. The church records were sent to Liege (Another protestant region) for safekeeping, but were destroyed by fire in 1691, making genealogical research difficult.