J185.612 : Jacob Chappuzeau (Also recorded as Iakov Shapizo)

There is no documentation available to show that Jacob is Laurent's son, but convincing indirect evidence is the frequent reference to Jacob's son Alexander being a nephew of Count L'Estocq. In fact, he would actually have been a nephew of the count's brother Ludwig, who married Helene Clara, presumed to be Jacob's sister. We believe that he was most likely to have been the son of Anne Noel/Knowles, because Jean Gode would not have had time for two children (except twins, of course) in the brief period she was married to Laurent.

Jacob is first documented in 1716, in a Russian document, as a lieutenant transferring from the English fleet to the Russian, at the request of King George I. see the Russian document
"Brevet captain of the ship issued Englishman Jacob Shapizo. - St. Petersburg: July 13, 1716. Signed by Prince Alexander Menshikov"

He was given the rank of Captain 3rd class, and was said to have been from Hanover.

As he married Anne [von] Kellerman, from a high ranking family, in 1718, he was probably at least 21 by then, therefore born before 1697. His sister, born 1690, married in 1720. As he married before his sister, it is possible that he was older, which pushes his probable birth year to between 1687 and 1689, in the two years after Laurent married his presumed mother. He would then have been about 27 when he transferred to the Russian fleet, compatible with his new rank as captain, and 30 when he married. Finding a death record in the future may clarify, if it gives his age.

On Tsar Peterís birthday in 1719, Jacob, as commander of the ship ĎArchangel Rafailí, was distinguished in an important naval battle, ĎThe Battle of Oesel Islandí, in which he helped capture three Swedish ships. For this, he was awarded a gold medal by the Tsar and promoted from Captain 3rd rank to Captain 2nd rank.

He and Anna had ten children, almost all of whom were born in Reval (now Tallinn, the capital of Estonia). One of his daughters, Catharina, had Admiral, Count Fyodor Matveyevich Apraksin as godfather. He was one of the highest ranking nobles in Russia, one of the "six supreme dignitaries", showing that Jacob was well connected and held in high regard.
Scans of their baptism certificates, kindly posted by member seamike, can be found in this forum thread: Reval (Tallinn), St Olai, Chappuzeau

On 27 January 1732, Jacob was appointed to the position of chief commander in Reval.
Jacob died on 10 January 1734, and has left a large number of descendants throughout the Baltic region, all through his son Alexander. No decendants are known from any of his other children.