J185.612.1: Alexander Chappuzeau (1720 to AFT 1755)
Also known as Chapiza, Shapizo or Shapiza, especially in the Cyrillic alphabet

Alexandr Chapiza, son of Captain Jacob Chapizoff
From the List of former and present Staff-Officers and Cadets of Land Gentry Cadet Corps, published in St. Petersburg 1766, page 127: Alexandr Shapizo, entered the Corps on 23 August 1734, graduated and joined the army as Ensign on 14 April 1740 with following certification: Geometry - studied up to basics of regular fortification, French - writes and translates letters extempore, paint landsapes in Chinese ink, History - studied up to Polish history, studied theory of Mathematical Geography, writes letters and speeches, fence in pairs, Wolff's moral studied up to Chapter III of Part 2; later died in the rank of Major.
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Alexander Chappuzeau (Shapizo), son of Jacob, was aide-de-camp to the famous Count Armand L'Estocq around 1743 to 1748. His aunt, Helene Clara had been married to the count's brother Ludwig L'Estocq, but they divorced in 1726.

Involvement in the Russian court. In 1748 Count Lestocq, who continued to intrigue against Bestuzhev, was accused of plotting to dethrone (Tsarina) Elizaveta in favor of the Prussophile heir to the throne. He was put to the torture in the Secret Chancellery and sentenced to death. The Empress interfered and had him expelled first to Uglich and then to Veliky Ustyug. It was not until her death that Lestocq was restored to his estates and was allowed to return to the Russian capital. "Captain of the Ingermanland Regiment Alexandr Shapizo was arrested on 9th November 1748, his uncle Count Lestok (L'Estoq) with wife were arrested at night 13 November 1748." We don't know whether Alexander was tortured as well as Lestocq.
And what an irony of fate: Alexandr Shapizo was tried by Stepan Apraksin the nephew of Count Fyodor Matveyevich Apraksin, who was godfather to Alexander's sister Catharina in 1725